Elementary Music Education

Pathways Through Music looks to create general music classes at the elementary level. We use a sound-to-symbol approach, which allows each and every student to experience music through movement, games, singing, and more. Our curriculum focuses around Dalcroze, Orff, and Kodaly philosophies. Because of this, the lessons are always relevant to the age group of the students.

We believe that this will benefit schools that do not currently have a dedicated music class. Teachers who currently teach ‘specials’ classes may not have any training in music. With our help, we intend to take the burden off of these teachers who feel the pressure of having to prepare these lessons. In our experience, students that begin to study music at an early age are able to grasp concepts very quickly, and learn the important life lessons that music fosters.

Our elementary music programs are at no cost to the schools that sponsor them. All supplies, instruments, and even teachers through PTM will be provided. Elementary music classes will be provided during school hours, under the supervision of the teacher of the partner school. The classes are intended to be twice a week for 90 minutes each, but can be tailored to the individual schools needs.

To learn more about our elementary music education programs and how it would fit with your school, please fill out the contact form below: