Pearson Ranch Guitar Club

Since the start of this guitar club last fall these students have showed up consistently each Wednesday morning for our 7:15 am class. To put this into perspective, we are at the school campus before the office administrators!

It is the week before spring break and the group is celebrating its 10th class. In this time they have learned how to read notes on the staff and mastered the G major scale, E minor pentatonic scale, 12 bar blues progression, and a handful of chords including a few of my favorited power chords.

Currently, we are working on Molly Malone. In this traditional Irish song we are learning to strum chords in a Waltz rhythm while accompanying the singing and playing of the melody. It’s coming along and I am excited for the day that we can perform it for an audience.

Stay posted for more updates and thank you for the support of this wonderful community.

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