An Inside Look at Whitestone Elementary

I’ve been working with Whitestone Elementary for the last month, and I can confidently say that these kids are PUMPED to have Pathways Through Music in the classroom. As soon as the students found out why I was there, they couldn’t stop asking questions: ‘What instrument do you play?’ ‘Do you play drums too?’ ‘DoContinue reading “An Inside Look at Whitestone Elementary”

Pickup Notes: Episode 1

Pickup Notes is a video series by Pathways Through Music, where the directors sit down and have a conversation about various topics and give updates on the organization. For the first episode, Jesse (Executive Director) and Doug (Program Director) talk a little about themselves and answer questions like ‘What is the need we are fulfillingContinue reading “Pickup Notes: Episode 1”

Community Collaboration: Orpheus Academy of Music

Pathways Through Music was recently featured in a series of concerts and events by Orpheus Academy of Music! Orpheus Academy of Music is a local music school based in Austin, TX. Their mission is to foster a life-long passion for music in students of all ages in a musical learning environment that is nurturing andContinue reading “Community Collaboration: Orpheus Academy of Music”

How Music Transformed My Life

“Transforming lives through deliberate and meaningful experiences in music by developing curriculums that are culturally representative of our communities, collaborations that provide opportunities for all, and performances that inspire a connection to the people around us.” You might have read our mission statement before, or heard it in a meeting or over a coffee. ButContinue reading “How Music Transformed My Life”